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Josh Matthews

Former Head Coach

Henderson State University

"Rob is the 'IT' factor when it comes to announcing.  In my opinion, an announcer needs more than just a good voice.  The person needs a sense of timing and a great command of words.  Rob knows what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.  I have had the opportunity to attend, or coach, thousands of basketball games around the country, and there is no one better, at what he does, than Rob."

Bob Homer

Former AD

Parsons High School

"Rob has been announcing high school and college athletics for a number of years, and in my 35+ year career of high school athletics, Rob is the most professional announcer I have ever seen.  His expertise in sports announcing has enabled him to prove a quality product for all the events he does."

J. J. Johnson

Former VP Area Services - SO KS

"I have worked with Rob since 1991, and during this time, he has honed his skills as a public address announcer, by working all sorts of sports, and community events.  I call him the 'Golden Throat', because not may announcer can announce for 16 hours, over two days, at the Special Olympics Kansas Summer Games, and not lose their voice.  Rob not only does that, but he has a voice that is very easy to listen to and he has an enthusiasm for his trade that keeps everyone in the audience involved. "

Jody Thompson

NJCAA Hall of Fame Coach

"I am blessed by the fact that I was there in the beginning...when Rob first began his announcing career.  It did not take long to me to realize that I was in the presence of a phenomenon.  Rob's voice was clear and crisp, and he held the attention of a large group, effortlessly.  Since those early days, Rob has added pre-event research and organization to his package.  In addition, he had developed a knack for dealing with the 'unexpected'.  In the past 35 years, he has become highly energized and focused professional.  For over 40 years, I have attended large events, and I can honestly say that Rob is the best announcer that I have witnessed."

Sam Blubaugh

President LCC Booster Club

"I have listened to Robe over the past 35 years that I have live in Parsons, and I can say that Rob is simply the best.  We have teams from other communities comment on Rob, wanting to know how they can hire him.  Rob is professional, keeps the announcing unbiased, and his music and knowledge of every event makes it a step above the rest when he is announcing.  Rob's versatility is what I admire most about him the most.  Rob can announce football, parades, or whatever the event, with the same amount enthusiasm, knowledge, and professionalism.  Rob should be everyone's first choice , as he is the best."

Rod Landrum

Board Member-PSHTC Endowment

"I have know Rob for a number of years and have had the opportunity to watch and listen to him announce a number of events, and I have always been extremely impressed with his professionalism.  In particular, I have been a board member of the Parsons State Hospital Endowment, for a number of years, and one of the events we sponsor is the Gary J. Daniels Sunbelt Rodeo.  Rob has announced our rodeo for the past 24 years and has helped to make the rodeo a truly professional production.  I can honestly say that Rob is one of the best announcers I have seen, and he has been an asset to Parsons and the surrounding area.  You can't go wrong with having Rob as your announcer.




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